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These are userboxes intended for specifying your level of proficiency with various languages, with PL1 being the lowest and PL3 the highest. Each box will automatically add you to a category listed under Category:Users by programming language. People looking for help in certain languages can then find people who know the language. To stack the userboxes on the right-hand side of your user page, just use a table like this (generally we list the most proficient languages first):

<div class="tright">
{|cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"
|{{Userbox PL3|C++|C++|C Plus Plus}}
|{{Userbox PL2|Visual Basic|VB}}
|{{Userbox PL2|PHP}}
|{{Userbox PL1|Haskell}}

[edit] Arguments

Each userbox takes up to three arguments:

  1. The name to be displayed in the right half of the box. Usually the full language name.
  2. The name to be displayed in large letters in the left half of the box. The full name if short, otherwise possibly an abbreviation. If it doesn't fit, the left half will expand to accommodate it.
  3. The category name in Category:Programming languages corresponding to the language.

The second and third arguments only need to be included if they are different than the language name. For example, you might want to abbreviate the name "Javascript" in the template

{{Userbox PL3|Javascript}}

to "JS", so that the left half of the box doesn't grow too large. To do that, you would supply the abbreviation as the second argument to the userbox template:

{{Userbox PL3|Javascript|JS}}

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