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I've made the source and database for LiteratePrograms more accessible in the following ways.

[edit] Database dumps

You can download database dumps from These will be created daily by a script (and cleaned out when I feel like it), and each is timestamped with a day in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Three archives are created (each in three formats), one containing all versions of all articles, one containing the current versions of all articles, and one containing the uploaded image files.

Note that the code files generated when the "code" tab is clicked are currently not stored anywhere in the dumps (although they can be generated from them).

[edit] Get the source

As of 2012, LiteratePrograms is implemented with a standard MediaWiki installation with extensions. These extensions are available from:

At Github you can browse the most current checked-in source of the LiteratePrograms extensions and check them out with:

git clone

Installation instructions are in the README file.

If you wish to submit a patch, please create an account on Github, clone the repo, push the changes to your repo, and then use "Send a pull request" to request me to accept your changes.

If you observe any problems, you can file a bug in the Github issue tracker, or just leave a message on the developer's page.