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This page describes the privacy policy of all websites from their inception to the present. Currently this means only sites under the hostname.

The websites do not require users to supply any personally identifiable information, with or without permission. No representative of will ever ask you for your real name, age, sex, location, phone number, address, social security number, or credit card number. If someone claiming to be a representative of does so, please contact our representative.

Some features of the website require an e-mail address to function, such as password reminders, sending mail to a user, or e-mail notifications of updates to pages; it is not compulsory to supply this e-mail address, and even if it is supplied, it will be held confidential and never revealed to any third party except as required by applicable law. However, if you e-mail another user, your e-mail will appear in the "From" field in order to allow the recipient to reply. If you do not wish to disclose your e-mail address, contact the other user by editing their user talk page instead.

The server maintains logs that may contain IP addresses of users visiting the site. By using these logs, it is possible to identify IP addresses with user aliases. These logs will be held in confidence and will not be made available to third parties except as required by applicable law. Users who make edits without creating accounts will have their edits publicly associated with their IP address; if you prefer to keep your IP address hidden, please create an account instead. Certain aggregate data derived from logs will be made publically available, but it is not possible to associate IPs in this data with user accounts.

To facilitate convenient access, the site's log-in mechanism will use cookies to store your username and session information on your local machine; this means anyone with access to your user account on your physical machine will be able to use your account and acquire your username. You can prevent them from using your account by logging out using the "log out" link in the upper-right, but to prevent your username from being viewed on the log-in screen you must delete the cookie associated with this site, which will be labelled with the hostname "". The easiest way to do this is to delete all of your browser's cookies. We do not store personally identifiable information in cookies.

Note that because traffic to this website is not encrypted, it is technically possible for a sophisticated user to derive account passwords, e-mail addresses, private mails, and IPs from interception of information in transit. We do not currently supply a secure version of this website, because this risk is small, but you use the site at your own risk of this information potentially being disclosed.

If you voluntarily disclose private information on an editable page of the site, such as writing your e-mail address or phone number in an article, this information will normally remain indefinitely available in the history to anyone who wishes to view it, even if you make another edit to remove it. If you are in this situation and wish to have your private information removed, please contact the site owner to ask for the information to be permanently removed. Please supply a direct URL to the revision containing the private data if possible.