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There are many different things you can do with a wiki incorporating literate programming tools. At LiteratePrograms we aim to do only one of these things:

LiteratePrograms is designed to facilitate short, self-contained articles describing how to do a particular programming task in a particular environment. Its primary purpose is education.

Here are some of the things that LiteratePrograms is not:

  • LiteratePrograms is not an open-source development platform like SourceForge. We do not provide development tools that even remotely scale to large projects, and don't intend to. We're only interested in short, self-contained code snippets.
  • LiteratePrograms is not an encyclopedia for algorithms. We focus on implementations, explaining as much of the algorithm as is needed to understand and link to sources such as Wikipedia for background information, history, and references.
  • LiteratePrograms is not API documentation. We may explain how an unfamiliar API is used in an article, but a comprehensive discussion of API parameters and corner case behavior is left to official API guides.
  • LiteratePrograms is not a database of raw code snippets designed to be effortlessly copy-and-pasted into your application. Code should compile and run, but need not be efficient or deal with all the details such as error handling that production code would.