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This program is under development.
Please help to debug it. When debugging
is complete, remove the {{develop}} tag.

This is an implementation of a Mahjong game in ocaml.

[edit] Tiles

The list of Mahjong tiles:

  • Circle suit: named as each tile consists of a number of circles (from 1 to 9). Each circle is said to represent copper (tong) coins with a square hole in the middle.
  • Bamboo suit: named as each tile (except the 1 Bamboo) consists of a number of bamboo sticks (from 1 to 9). Each stick is said to represent a string (suo) that holds a hundred coins.
  • Character suit: named as each tile represents ten thousand (wan) coins (from 1 to 9), or one hundred strings of one hundred coins.
  • Wind tiles: East, South, West, and North.
  • Dragon tiles: red, green, and white.
  • Flower (and seasons) tiles: typically optional components to a set of mahjong tiles, often contain artwork on their tiles.

four tiles of each are available.

Let's implement the tiles using a list.

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