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I am a third year student at the School of Engineering in the Swansea University and study Internet Technology Bsc. I have recently become keener on developing my knowledge of programming in general. My third year project is based around the idea of using Literate Programming and a wiki as a teaching tool. This project has allowed me to develop my knowledge of the java programming langage and has opened me up to the idea of presenting programs with the human in mind rather than the computer!

[edit] Languages

During my studies at university I have touched on many programming langauges including Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, Javascript, Matlab, HTML, XML and CSS. I am most confident with Java and HTML but have plenty of room for development. I am also keen to learn a number of new languages including AJAX and Ruby.

[edit] Things I've worked on, work on or plan to work on

[edit] To-do list

  • Learn Ruby.
  • Learn AJAX
  • Finish my final year project.
  • Apply for a Msc in Future interaction design.
  • Increase my knowledge of programming in general.