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Dr Chris P. Jobling

Hi, I'm a lecturer in Software Engineering and Internet Technologies in the School of Engineering at the Swansea University (Wales, UK). I've had a long-standing interest in Literate Programming (including a long familiarity with noweb and Leo) and am a wiki enthusiast. I was therefore very excited to discover this site which combines the two in such a user friendly way. If you have any questions ask me on my talk page. Thanks!

[edit] Languages

I'm most proficient with Java, Perl and Python. I teach Java, Matlab, JavaScript, PHP and Groovy in my day job, and am quite comfortable with the various shell scripting languages on *nix and windows. I've dabbled with Groovy, have an ambition to learn Ruby, and have programmed in C, Fortran, Prolog and Visual Basic. I originally had a specialism in developing IT systems for control system design and have used Fortran, Matlab, and Prolog in anger. I have an interest in the Domain Specific Language for systems modelling Modellica and its predecessors Omola and Dymola.

[edit] Things I've worked on, work on or plan to work on

[edit] To-do list

  • Learn Ruby.
  • Learn Groovy.
  • Write some general introduction to computing articles
  • Publish some of my Literate programs on this wiki.
  • Use this resource in my own teaching.
  • For research: Evaluate wiki as a way to write and document fairly large programs within an agile development workflow.
  • Spread the word!
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