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I am Fredrik on Wikipedia, an undergraduate physics student in real life, and an administrator/sysop here.

My main programming interest is computer mathematics (computer algebra, computational number theory, numerical computing...). I'm also interested in computer graphics and game engines.

Hopefully this project will have superseded The Art of Computer Programming within a few years!

[edit] Things I've worked on (or still work on)

[edit] To be added

Here's a list of some of the stuff I have lying around on my hard drive in a more or less working or well-documented state. My intention is to convert everything into literate programs (unless someone beats me to filling the gaps). If there's something of it (or anything else for that matter) you'd like to see, drop a note and I'll likely move it to the top of the priority list.

  • Dimensioned arithmetic (Python)
  • Interval arithmetic (Python)
  • Complex numbers (Python)
  • Matrices (Python)
  • Polynomials (Python)
  • Root finding with Newton's method (Python)
  • Root polishing with Newton's method (Python)
  • Integer nth root calculation (Python)
  • Arbitrary-precision Riemann zeta function (Python) [maybe implement in Mathematica first]
  • Arbitrary-precision gamma function (Python)
  • Euler-Mascheroni constant calculation (Python)
  • Arithmetic-geometric mean (Python)
  • Sieve of Eratosthenes (Python)
  • Miller-Rabin primality test (Python)
  • Mathematical expression parsing (Python)
  • Radix conversion (Python)
  • Interactive function plotting (Python, Pygame)
  • Isometric 3D projection (Python, Pygame)
  • Rectangle-rectangle collision detection (Python, Pygame)
  • Mandelbrot set (Python), (C)
  • Bouncing ball simulation (Python, Pygame)
  • Finding the nearest color in a palette (Python), (C)
  • WAD file processing (Python) [plus articles for operations on WAD lumps]

  • a few more basic examples of Pygame action
  • common Python optimization tricks
  • various fairly elementary routines in Matlab and Java from old univ exercises
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