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I also edit Wikipedia, Ward's wiki, Rosetta Code and the esoteric languages wiki.

I cut my teeth on old micro assembly langauges, Applesoft Basic and Pascal. I once did NewtonScript hacking (it's a lot like Io).

[edit] Stats

I couldn't find this elsewhere on the site. Here are some statistics as of October 2009. (The data in these lists can also be derived from Special:Mostlinkedcategories).

[edit] Top language categories

  • 61: C
  • 60: Java
  • 58: Python
  • 29: Haskell
  • 27: C++
  • 19: Erlang
  • 18: Matlab
  • 16: OCaml
  • 14: Forth, Ruby, Scala
  • 12: Perl
  • 11: Eiffel, Lisp
  • 10: Scheme
  • 9: JavaScript
  • 7: sed, shell
  • 6: dc, J, Prolog, QBASIC, Visual Basic.NET
  • 5: AliceML, AWK, Oz, Pascal, Standard ML
  • 4: C#, Mercury, Rexx, Smalltalk, x86 asm

[edit] Top subject categories

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