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[edit] December 20th in ALGOL history - 1958 & 1968... HAPPY 40th/50th BIRTHDAYs

[edit] Announcing the Algol68-user mailing list - The ALGOL-BULLETIN for users.

To subscribe:

Over the last few months there have been many ALGOL 68 code contributions and *today* the 100th ALGOL 68's rosettacode page was created at:
Note that today on 20th December 1968 in Munich the

ALGOL 68's Final Report was ratified by UNESCO's IFIP

So join me in wishing:

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY to ALGOL 68, and 50th birthday to ALGOL 58!

About this list: THIS is list for discussion of and questions about using ALGOL 68 from users and students. Or anyone interested in giving ALGOL 68 a "spin".

Traditionally ALGOL 68 compiler writers shared notes and announced new releases at:

Marcel van der Veer has available a wonderful ALGOL 68 interpretor at:

This interpretor is also available at sourceforge together with the ELLA ALGOL 68RS translator, check out the downloads at:

Both these run on Fedora Linux. Algol68g also runs on Vista. Also note that for 2009 there are three new projects:

  1. first is to port Algol 68 to:
  2. The next is to interface Algol 68 to GTK.
  3. The next to resurrect ELLA from the Defence Research Agency.

If you have hands on with Symbian, OSX, GTK or ELLA then do join in.

Also: If you have (or want) any ALGOL 68 books, ALGOL 68 software media, ALGOL 68 application source code, ALGOL bug reports, then please share the details here.

Currently I am looking for the transput for ALGOL 68RS (from DRA). If anyone has this please let me know.

More resources at sourceforge include downloads for weekend hackers: Each distribution includes a User Manual (A4 size) suitable for interested student learning ALGOL 68 for the first time.

Documentation details:

  • algol68g-mk15-0.8b (interpretor)
    • Algol 68 Genie User Manual - by Marcel van der Veer - 410 Pages
  • algol68toc-1.8.8d (translator)
    • Programming Algol 68 Made Easy - by Sian Leitch - 350 pages.
    • The RS Compiler for ALGOL 68 - Published 1978 - Defence Research Agency, Malvern, UK - 86 pages.


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