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I found this site through its Java implementation of Red-Black Trees. Since then, I wrote about 2/3 of Binary search tree (Python)‎, all of Fizzbuzz (Lisp), and dumped illiterate code into Binary heap (Javascript). I also like to police for spam and miscategorizations Special:Contributions/Nzen.

There are a couple data structures and sorts that need literate code too.

  • Database: mit_simpleDB?(any), microdb?
  • compiler: basic(any)
  • red black tree (python, etc)
  • Splay Tree (any)
  • B Tree (any)
  • Trie (any)
  • Linked_list: circular(any)
  • queue: normal(all), priority(any)
  • heap: binary(any), binominal(any), fibonnaci(any)
  • dynamic array(any)
  • sorts: heap(any); bubble(py); shell(any); radix(any); tim(any); gnome(any); cycle(any)
  • networking: tcp(any)
  • shuntingYard (java,lisp,c++)
  • Bellman-Ford algorithm(any); Dijkstra's(py,lisp)
  • interpreter pattern(any)
  • cs theory-cell automata: conway's game(any)
  • ai-neural network: any(any)
  • operating systems: minix?(any), osp/2_exercises(java)
  • security: packet_filter(any); rsa_cipher(any); homomorphic_encrypt(any)
  • UI: swing something(any) ; MVC(any)

You can find personal projects I've published on Github. School, team projects uploaded to Bitbucket. One I'd like to move here (when I've enliterated it more) is a python implementation of Deitel's Simpletron & Simple Compiler.

I'm currently earning a Bachelor's degree from Cal Poly Pomona.

The userboxes for langs that I've only had a brush with are a shade obnoxious, so: I've also briefly used SQL, Visual Basic, Clojure, & Ruby.

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