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Hi, I'm from Germany, I've got a diploma (equiv. M.Sc.) degree in computer science and currently working in Münster as a software developer. My main interest in computer science is programming language theory, design and implementation. My computer history has been mostly on the Amiga which I grew up with and learned a lot on (R.I.P., it was a great time baby), but meanwhile I own and (privately) develop on Macs.

The programming language I still know best is C++, no big surprise given the many years I've been working with it (since the early 90ies ...).

Meanwhile, my favourite "everyday" languages are Common Lisp and Haskell (the latter might be surprising given that I believe in multiparadigm programming, but Haskell is just both too beautiful and interesting to ignore for writing mostly declarative programs - and hey it supports literate programming). I see these just as a natural step up from C++, just like C++ was step up from C which was a step up from ... you get it. It's all about progress.

I am also a huge fan of Interactive Fiction, which blends my two favourite art forms, the art of storytelling and the art of programming.

[edit] Literate Programming

I've been doing Literate Programming for quite some time now as I firmly believe in its virtues. Since I've been tired of repeating the same arguments in discussions about Literate Programming and "is software art?" again and again, I've started writing a completely unscientific article "Why Literate Programming Matters" so I can just refer to this for my opinion. It is currently just a draft and will be updated. If you think I've forgotten an argument or am utterly wrong on something, feel free to contact me on my talk page.

[edit] My Articles

Here is a short list of articles I contributed. If you came here because you liked one of them, feel free to check out the others. It's not much yet but the site is new and I'm constantly working on new stuff.

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