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Hi folks!

Somehow I convinced myself to start writing something about myself here so here goes...:

I have always been interested in computers and what started it all was a little brownish addictive lump of plastic with a black keyboard also known by it's believers as Commodore 64. This machine is also reponsible for igniting my interest in programming. I wrote several programs on the C64 and only later have I realized that some of them where "operating system"-oriented e.g. trying to supply a alternative userinterface for the machine.None of theese programs can be considered well writen and all I ever wrote on the C64 was in basic.

Later on I got my eyes up for a little computer that was way ahead of other computers at the time and that was ofcourse the legendary Amiga. I owned (and still do) an Amiga 500 who I expanded enough to be about as powerfull as a stock Amiga 3000. On this machine I started programming with AMOS who was a basic dialect. Hungry for more control I moved on to another language called Amiga E who was based on C, Pascal, ada, lisp and a lot of other strange languages. The fact that you could write inline assembler caused me to learn some 68k assembly as a bonus. Learning about assembler was probably one of the most rewarding things I have ever done since it's such a raw and direct way of interacting with the computer. Also I had great fun reading assembler programs and especially disassembling the core of the operatingsystem (Amiga uses a microkernel) and figuring out how things are done. On the Amiga I also tried a few C variants but I somehow never got the hang of it.

Finaly after years of beeing possessed by this amazing machine I joined the rest of the world and got myself a "clone" (read: pc). Eager to learn programming on Windows I quickly realized that in case I would move on to some propper operatingsystem (like Linux) I better choose C as a progamming language. I'm now proud to say that I program using the Lcc-Win32 development system. It's simple, neat, clean, fast and does above all not contain stupid icons and buttons that uses half your screen. I consider myself a loyal user and I would reccomend everyone to have a look at if your interested in C programming.

I also have a habbit of writing the most peculiar tools. I'm amongst other things author of the popular DriveGLEAM (google it). I'm also a perfectionist and this cause me to develop slowly. I'm also quite stubborn and that means that if I don't figure out to do a thing exactly as I want to do it I might stop a entire project even if there's anoter way to doing what I want. I consider this both a weakness and strength.

So here I am.... at :) - Mostly thanks to Ahy1 who showed me this amazing site. In adittion to Ahy1 I know at least one more user here (Hi Friedrich ;) ) and even tough I haven't contributed much to literateprograms I hope my contributions will be helpful to others.

I release all my contributions on Literate Programs under CC0 1.0

More details can be found on my homepage (se on top of this article for a link)

C compiler of choice

 - GCC

Favorite developing tools

 - Code::Blocks
 - Valgrind
 - Innosetup
 - PADGen

C related links

Other interesting links
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