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[edit] Thanks for your contribution

Hi, Mike, welcome to LiteratePrograms. I really appreciate your voluminous contribution at Skip list (C). I fixed some noweb syntax errors that were preventing it from emitting the C source file when you click on "download code", and a bunch of compiler warnings including an "= instead of ==" bug, and moved the article. I haven't yet tested it, but I invite you to continue contributing and ask me any questions or suggestions you might have at User_talk:Deco. Thanks again! Deco 18:50, 2 March 2006 (PST)

Hi, great idea for a website. This skip list article was actually part of an assignment I had to do for a graduate course in software design. It was originally written for cweb not noweb. I tried to clean it up but you had to finish the job, thanks! This document has been sitting on my hard drive collecting dust until now. I hope someone finds it interesting or useful. I actually have a bunch of Haskell code written in semi-literate style that I might get around to posting at some point. Mike Kucera

[edit] Categories and cleanup

Hey Mike, I noticed you cleaning up Kruskal's algorithm (Pascal). Apparently the original contributor submitted a noweb source file using LaTeX for documentation, so that's why they had dollar signs. Thanks for helping with this. As for why I removed the categories, the reason is that, as on Wikipedia, we try to include only the direct categories that an article belongs to, and let it be included indirectly in parent categories of those categories. This has the advantage that maintenance of categories is much easier. Thanks again. Deco 15:33, 3 March 2006 (PST)

That article was submitted by a friend of mine. Word seems to be getting aroud fast about this site. Mike Kucera
If you see your friend around, you might want to mention that their article is one of the most popular on the site, receiving 75 web search hits since its initial posting (see LiteratePrograms:Articles found using search engines). My thanks to them. Deco 17:47, 1 June 2006 (PDT)